Saturday, May 16, 2009

The new discover Cave in East South Shan State near Taunggyi City.It Call Ko Yin Lay Cave.

Ko Yin Lay Cave in english it mean (little monk Cave).In shan it also call Ting Sin Cave,it mean in burmese The Cave of the king.The Cave near from Taunggyi City about 24 miles,if we want to visit here ,we can go from the way of the Hon Pong Twon's road to the south .The road is not bed so any cars can go there.It discovered by the villagers near by the Ko Yin Lay's Temple.So the Ko Yin Lay famous monk go there to open the road ,build many buddha stones and in the Cave also can give light with electric tubes to the visitors.And the Ko Yin Lay monk also celebrate pagoda festival in there on 2009 ,may month.So the cave name also famous with Ko Yin Lay Cave near the Cave of all villagers. On the way of a cave,we can see many beautiful moutain roads and also have another cave near there.In the enter of this Cave we can see the beautiful stream and nature beauty.We can relax there and take a rest looking to the stream and Cave .We can feel that our life is not wrong living.And we can also walk on the bridges making with bamboo like the artists build so nature.In there ,the villagers also pay to all kinds the visitors for lunch free.When i think although they are poor they can show carity of the law of buddha.I feel proud of them although they also struggle for thier life living so simple everdays and they can also help and pay to other people for lunch free .it is so great.Now it is very rarely to see in the lower myanmar because of the business.So i am very satified to bron and living in Shan State,Taunggyi City. This Cave is also like Pindaya's Cave so wide and long.And i think it have many thousands history and many tourists will interesting it.Therefore i will send many photos and video let many of our myanmar friends know it and may be through our blog let many tourists around the world know it.If they have a chance ,welcome to visit our lovely place. Post by a simple person come from a simple beautiful city,Taunggyi Cherry Land...

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Friday, May 15, 2009

The new discover Cave in East South Shan state near Taunggyi City .It Call Ko Yin Lay Cave .

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